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Toddler room with soft play toys

Toddler Room

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toddler room
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This class is a perfect next step from let’s rhyme. Our focus is on action, movement and coordination skills as we encourage our active babies to explore music and movement combined. The session starts with some independent exploring on our beautiful soft play set and concludes with some action and movement songs. A theme of the week will give a great photo opportunity as well as developing communication skills and exploring the world around us.



An upbeat class designed to introduce your baby to music and unleash their passion for singing and dancing. Disco lights and sensory props are used as well as a range of holds and actions to really engage your baby physically and mentally. A theme of the week will ensure your little one is introduced to a range of sounds with props that make a great photo opportunity!


We host a monthly themed adventure that is sure to stimulate all of the senses. Smell, texture, colour, shapes and taste, babies will use their fingers and toes to really get messy and explore without boundaries, the best bit is leaving all of the mess behind. We finish with a themed sing along or story. Please bring a towel and change of clothes with you.

Fun play for toddlers


An energetic class focused on building language and communication through sequenced songs with BSL sign language incorporated. We include fun dance routines and a range of props. Classic nursery rhymes and action songs are featured as well as a weekly sign a song.



A follow on from baby disco, this class will have your little on their feet to all of our disco classics! Disco lights and sensory props allow our toddlers to display their dancing skills and move like nobody is watching! A theme of the week will keep the class exciting as they take a new adventure each visit. Ensure your little one is introduced to a range of sounds with props that make a great photo opportunity!



A free movement class for mini explorers who can’t sit still. Children will explore tuff trays, tunnels, music, balance equipment and so much more. They will be learning while exploring a different theme each week. To finish, they will dance and sing to some action songs, this is a perfect alternative to a structured singing class.



The perfect alternative to a soft play centre. Allow your little ones to climb and explore without the worry of the ‘big kids’ or losing sight of them. Our carpet area is filled with soft play, tunnels, tents and more. Children can explore freely for the first part of the session, then we clear away and finish with some action songs and bubbles.

Toddler class


A weekend class filled with fun for all of the family. This session is split into two structured parts. The first is focused on music with children selecting a musical instrument and singing along to some classic nursery rhymes and parachute songs. Children then have time to play and explore the room. The final part involves a cosy story telling session on the carpet and a bubble song.


An independent play session for children who like to be on the move. A perfect session to meet up as a group for a catch up and some food. We have a range of resources to explore, each piece has been carefully chosen to suit all pre-school ages and to encourage open ended and skills-based play.


Come and relax in our beautiful top of the range sensory room. Relaxing music, soft lights, soft play, wooden treasure baskets and more. This room can be hired exclusively or you can visit on a single ticket. Pre walker only sessions are available for those not wanting to mix with older children.

Soft play birthday room
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