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Baby massage is an excellent way to bond and develop attachment with your baby, as well as learn a new skill that can be enjoyed at home. It also includes health benefits for your baby including stimulating brain development, relief from conditions such as constipation, growing pains, excess mucus, gas and colic. Best of all massage can promote relaxation for both baby and parent, allowing for a calm environment which promotes healthy sleep patterns.

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Our 'traditional' baby class, we explore music and rhythm to nursery rhyme classics. Baby is encouraged to explore independently with a range of centrepiece displays. Props are used to aid eye coordination and fine motor skills and a theme of the week will allow for a new adventure each visit!

New Movers
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This class is a perfect next step from let's rhyme. Our focus is on action, movement and coordination skills as we encourage our active babies to explore music and movement combined. A theme of the week will give a great photo opportunity as well as developing communication skills and exploring the world around us.

Our Classes: Programs


An upbeat class designed to develop your baby's physical development through a series of stretches, core exercises. tummy time. Babies will pose and stretch to aid those all-important milestones of sitting and crawling. We finish the session in true yoga tradition with some bonding and relaxation, as we teach our babies the importance of self-care and rest. All routines are sequenced to music to aid memory and allow you to practise at home. NB: you do not need to complete the 8-16 week course to join this one.

Playdates Baby Lounge sessions can be booked on an individual, pay as you go basis or alternatively we also offer Bronze, Silver or Gold passes for more regular visitors. For more information about our passes, visit our booking system or get in touch.

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